Steamed Purple Daikon with Greens 


One bunch of purple turnips w/greens 

Water to cook

Pinch sea salt



Wash turnips and greens thoroughly 

Cut turnips at stems base and slice into 1/4” rounds and layer into a heavy shallow casserole

Add water to almost cover and bring to a boil

Add a pinch of salt and lower heat to medium/low with lid on to cook approximately 15 mins 

Meanwhile re-rinse greens at stems and then slice thinly  

Layer stems and then greens ontop of cooked roots and turn up heat to steam for 5 mins

Add a few drops of shoyu and steam 1 min

Use spatula to put vegetables onto a plate to cool 

* Carrots, Daikon, Turnips and Red or white radishes with their greens, are all simply delicious

When using carrots, add a few drops of un-toasted sesame oil before adding the greens to the roots